Welcome to Women Who Kill!

Welcome to the revamp of my blog! I am excited to be starting this again and hope you will enjoy my topic, which is on Women Who Kill.

Why this topic you may ask? Truthfully I can’t tell you why my fascination on this topic came about! I can tell you that I am an ID channel addict and have long been fascinated with crime. And yes I must tell you that I do get the looks of disbelief from those that I tell about my topic, along with uncomfortable giggles or the ‘hope you don’t start killing’ comment, and of course my father looking at me with an astonished look and asking me ‘why in the world would you write about that’!

Why female serial killers? I believe that when most people think of a serial killer they automatically think of the male as the serial killer (Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gein, to name a few) and I was no different!

When I first thought of writing on this subject, I did think first of males. However, I realized and, truthfully, was surprised to see how many female serial killers there have been throughout the centuries! As far back as the ancient Queen Ji Xia who lived before 1600 BC in China and is thought to of been one of the first recorded female serial killers!

I guess the thing that I find most fascinating is how cold and calculating these women were! They, like their male counterparts, generally have come from abusive backgrounds. However, with a female, it surprised me to find out how long they were able to kill and get away with it, and be able to put on the facade of a ‘normal’ person on the outside!

Females, in days gone by, generally have been thought of as the weaker, kinder, more loving sex. Who would believe a mother could kill her own children? Or a loving, doting wife could murder her husband, or mother, or other family members? (This I find personally very hard to comprehend!)

But they are definitely out there!! While the general public perhaps has heard of Aileen Wurnoss, not many may have heard about Nannie Doss or Dorothy Puente or Belle Gunness. While their numbers are smaller, the number of victims is overwhelming!

How these women were able to get away with silently, quietly killing their family members and not being a suspect, sometimes for decades, amazes me! I imagine the tears and grief and probably their wailing that they were able to conjure up helped to make the authorities look the other way! After all, a woman just wouldn’t kill her family, would she????….